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Thread: Blood pressure drop then back up?

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    Default Blood pressure drop then back up?

    I'm four months in, and my blood pressure had dropped significantly. Now, I'm getting this symptoms of HBP back. Hot, flushed face...headaches. checked it and sure enough, its up to 140/90. Any ideas? I hate when my BP gets up, I feel bad and get scared then that leads to anxiety. I may have been consuming more fat than I've intended on. I've had to eat a lot of salads and made mayo based dressings. Exercise has slacked off to pretty much nothing. Could this have my BP back up?
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    Default Re: Blood pressure drop then back up?

    I find both my exercise and cholesterol are better with regular exercise. It boosts your circulation and IMHO exercise is what keeps my HDL/LDL ratios in tune more so than diet, so YES, I think the exercise may be the deciding factor for you. The Mayo clinic published an article on this very topic. I will send you a link on it.

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