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Thread: Top 10 things to do if you are new

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    Default Top 10 things to do if you are new

    Here are the top ten things to do if you are new to this board:

    1) Introduce yourself click here:

    2) Read our FAQ boards:

    3) Start a blog or journal to discuss what you are eating on a daily basis:
    Journal Stats: http://www.atkinsdietbulletinboard.c...journal-stats/
    Journal Chats: http://www.atkinsdietbulletinboard.c...journal-chats/

    4) Create a ticker:

    5) Change your signature for your posts:

    6) Post a few pictures of yourself:


    7) Post an off topic post ( about anything... well, almost anything)

    8 )Find the main page (just click on the logo at the top and you will always get back to the main forums)

    9) Join or create your own social group:

    10) Become a supporting member:

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