I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this or not but today, after scouring the Internet for "zero carb dips" and not finding any that were truly zero carb (although I'm sure they're out there and I just need to keep looking) I came home from the grocery store and toyed with this. Since I'm doing induction, I try to keep carbs from "sneaking in" if I can avoid it. If I can trust the food labels, then I believe this to be zero carb.

I mixed crumbled goat cheese and enough Duke's mayonnaise to get the desired consistency I wanted, but I would guess that the goat cheese was about a quarter cup and maybe 4 or 5 tbsps. of the mayonnaise. I wanted it creamy. I used a bit, not a lot, of Mrs. Dash (original blend) just to give it a little something extra. (The label claims no carbs.) It takes a moment or so for the Mrs. Dash spices to soften into the dip, but they do. This seems to be good with celery sticks, and I would imagine carrots, although I'm not eating carrots during induction. I suppose other crumbled cheeses, such as feta, bleu, etc., can be used, or even soft cheeses that aren't necessarily crumbled, but I like the "tang" of goat cheese.

This post is just a "for what it's worth". If anyone has other zero carb dips, would you share them? I'm trying to keep things interesting.