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Thread: Hypothyroid & hair loss

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    Default Hypothyroid & hair loss

    has anyone with hypo had hair loss & found anything to help? In 2008 I noticed my hair thinning so I went to the doctor & that's when I found out I was hypothyroid. However, my dosage is only 25mcg & since that's the lowest it seems to me that that wouldn't be enough to cause my hair loss. It's been 5 years now, that started when I was 22 and it's gotten worse and it's kinda depressing... I feel like I should've gotten married first so the guy would be stuck with me & my bald self because I'm not going to be able to find anyone like this. I'm not bald, but it is very noticeable... I've been taking Synthroid all this time but it doesn't help...

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    Default Re: Hypothyroid & hair loss

    I have hair loss but haven't really been sure what to connect it to. I have tried biotin and that did nothing for me. I will say that while my hair has thinned, the actual "loss" comes and goes. It has been good and recently it is bad again. But I have read that is a normal thing. It isn't fun dealing with it, I know. Sorry I am not helpful but I do understand. I am not on any thyroid medication and not "officially" hypo (borderline).

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    Default Re: Hypothyroid & hair loss

    Try viviscal hair supplement. After a few weeks I started losing less hair everyday. Just search on Amazon for it.


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