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Thread: Adventures with Blood Sugar - just discovered my diabetes

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    Default Adventures with Blood Sugar - just discovered my diabetes

    New here, and I just posted on the "Hello" board, so I'll skip most of the intro. Lately, I realized that something is horribly wrong with me. I was still thinner than I had been in over a decade, but I felt AWFUL... like ten miles of bad road. I'm barely fifty but felt like I was at least sixty! I had constant headaches and I had a near complete inability to concentrate at all. I woke up in the morning tired and NEEDED a nap every day, sometimes two!

    So I went to my local pharmacy during one of their free health screening days and did their set of free tests... I'm also unemployed and have no health insurance! They tested my Blood Sugar at 288 (fasting 10+ hours!) OUCH! Since I haven't been to doctor (can't afford one, see above) this strongly suggests that I'm either severely 'pre-diabetic' or already have it.

    I'd been noticing pains in my feet that had been getting noticeably worse (probably diabetic neuropathy) but fortunately my eyes seem to be fine. The circulation in my feet was also getting lousy, not that it had ever really been good even when I was young! Ok, this is bad! I've sworn by the original 1990 version of Jonny Bowden's "Living the Low Carb Life" and that was the first book I picked up again to re-re-read after i came home from the blood testing.

    It's just a masterpiece, better really even than the original Atkins book or even Eades "Protein Power" for explaining how and what to do! I've even now obtained the recent new revised edition "Living Low Carb" but 90% of the original material is still pretty valid. Anyway. For the last week I've been on Induction and sticking to less than 20 carbs per day.

    10 real counted carbs + 'hidden' in the "0 carb" food, that isn't really. Blood Sugar bounced around up and down for the four or five days but now it's starting to go down. I'm only taking my fasting blood sugar measurement in the morning, but I was at 168 today. I'm already feeling a bit better! Diet notes: I'm currently eating about 10 carbs per day at dinner, either green salad or Brussels sprouts. Eating more than 10 carbs seems to throw me out of ketosis. My old threshold used to be between 35-40 carbs, but maybe when my blood chemistry is straightened out this will increase. 10 carbs is really too low for comfort and long term maintenance. Ketosis notes: I test every time I go.

    Cutting the strips in half saves $ - especially since my local Wally-World never keeps them in stock! It took 5 days of virtually zero carbs (fat fast) to get a 'Trace' or 'Small' indicator, but i do drink a lot of water (6-10 16oz glasses per day) so some dilution is possible, although urine is usually a strong yellow now.

    I used to be able to get into ketosis in 2-3 days... again, more wacky blood chemistry, probably. Supplements: I'm doing the complete 'recommended for Blood Sugar Control' listing found in Bowden "Living Low Carb" (list is identical to the 1990 1st edition). Everything, at Bowden's recommended dosage level. A virtually identical list is in one of his other books "The Most Natural Cures on Earth", the main supplements including: Vit E, magnesium, alpha lipoic acid, chromium, biotin (it was hard finding the ultra-high dose stuff w/o a crazy price), and ginseng. For weight loss help, L-carnitine, fiber, green tea and omega-3's.

    Even the no-sugar fiber powder seems to have lots of hidden carbs. Bowden considers extra fiber essential for weight loss but I'm concerned that using this keeps knocking me out of ketosis. Hidden carbs seem to be in everything! I couldn't find hardly any of these in my local grocery or Wal-Mart, at least at the dose rates I wanted. Taking 8+ each of several pills a day was really too much. I found the higher dose stuff I wanted on eBay and this cuts down the massive pill taking to a more reasonable level. Is there any other additional OTC vitamin or supplement that anyone would care to recommend?

    Primary Goal: get blood sugar under 100! Another 40-50 pounds of weight loss would be good too... I might as well take care of everything at once! Currently I'm 263, which sounds like a lot but I'm tall and have a big frame and can carry this alright, but my final goal of 199 would be nicer! I was last at that weight back in the USAF, when I was 24 years old!

    Concerns: Can't stay in ketosis, even in induction (including fat fast). My last strip showed negative. I'm not counting calories yet and I'm eating when hungry... which is still often. I realize that my being probably diabetic has caused my entire blood chemistry to be massively screwed up, so I'll be patient! If the blood sugar count keeps dropping, even slowly, good - I'm less concerned about the weight loss. Exercise (important) is going to be a problem - I have horrible knees.

    I can walk but lately the feet neuropathy has made that painful too. I understand that over time after returning to normal BS that this will start to get better... can anyone offer me a comforting timeline for this? Anyway, for me right now, it seems it is literally Atkins for Life! I wish you all well, Alex Edit... why is all of the text running together??? No CR's or paragraphs... just all run-together!
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    Default Re: Adventures with Blood Sugar - just discovered my diabetes

    I edited your post into paragraphs for you.

    I'm sure people will read it now...

    Are you posting from a phone?

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    Default Re: Adventures with Blood Sugar - just discovered my diabetes

    I think the problem is with my Firefox. I'm running NoScript which tends to mess up when loading some web sites that have multiple software processes running in the background.

    Test... this might have fixed it....

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    Default Re: Adventures with Blood Sugar - just discovered my diabetes

    Honestly, I understand not having insurance because I do not either but what you are doing is probably not very wise! A fasting(overnight) blood glucose of almost 170 is still very high. You HAVE to find a doctor and get properly diagnosed. A lot of communities have low cost clinics. We have one that costs $20 a visit. I would call health and welfare and ask for a referral. Diabetes is not something to mess with and it really does sound like you have a full blown case. I had gestational diabetes and am lucky that it went away after delivery but I had to inject myself twice a day which was a horrible experience. My fasting blood sugar was right around 280 as well when I discovered I had it. You are having a lot of symptoms that would indicate this has been going on for some time and you really need to be under the care of a doctor and not trying to play doctor to yourself. I wish you luck and hope you seek medical advice ASAP!

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