The Cheat Free Forum has evolved a lot from its beginnings. It was originally a challenge to eat 100% Cheat Free on Atkins. The challenge had specific water, exercise and miscellaneous other goals. As folks remained members of CF for longer periods it has loosened up and evolved into a more focused version of Journal Chats.

The JOURNALS here tend to be more focused on the process of weight loss and less on life issues. Members are at varying stages of their journeys. As such, new members are advised to be aware that what works for a goalie will probably not work for you. My job as moderator is to cut through the BS and dole out a dose of reality and tough love when necessary. This group also offers a lot of great advice and moral support when you are struggling. Folks come and go. We all fall off the wagon once in awhile and there are no recriminations for those who disappear. We are just glad when you find your way back.

For those up to a challenge, I will offer a CHALLENGE thread each month to kickstart your progress. It will have specific requirements to be met. Participation in this portion of the CF group is optional. It will generally run for two weeks.

We usually have a monthly DISCUSSION thread. Sometimes the topics are books such as Why We Get Fat? or The Beck Diet Solution. Sometimes the discussion is inspirational or geared toward a particular weight loss problem.

All are welcome to view the threads here and take part in the discussions but I urge newcomers to the Atkins lifestyle to watch, wait, and learn their WOE before joining the Cheat Free forum. If you are new to this lifestyle, it is important to get comfortable with the routine of Atkins and read your DANDR before jumping into the CF group. This is will grant you your best chance for success.