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    Default Atkins Advantage Bars

    So i came across the atkins products in my local supermarket and the chocolate decadence one really stood out to me and i saw that it said only 2 net carbs, and i remember thinking this has got to be too good to be true! So i bought a few too try. (im in australia so im not to sure if there exactly the same over here as in the US)

    The bars are 60g which may not seem alot but for 2 net carbs i thought it was well worth it! When i first took a bite into it i wasnt too sure, but i have to admit it did grow on me. The taste isnt so much sweet but its very rich, and has a flavour close to dark chocolate. The bar is coated in chocolate which to me tasted more like 'candy'. The bar itself is very dense and the texture is kind of like a hard, less chewy milkyway/Nougat. The second time that i had one i very much enjoyed it and i found that it filled the gap and satisfied my sweeth tooth very well.

    However alot of the ingrediants in these bars are not real foods, and are mostly chemicals and powders. The calories in a single bar are quite high aswell ranging from between 200-270 per bar. Alot of people do say that the bars stall there weight loss but i didnt really find it made much difference to mine, although as im not having them everyday i probably wouldnt be able to tell.

    These bars say that they are suitable for all phases but i really dont know if i believe that, seeing as atkins is about whole fresh foods, and this is far from it. I think these bars are okay for emergencies or a treat but not on everyday basis. Has anyone else tried these? if so what was your experience like with them? and how often do you eat them?
    Thanks, Jenny

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    It's a shame that a multinational company now own the Atkins name and produce this garbage. Follow the good Doctors mantra. Eat Real Food.

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    Default Re: Atkins Advantage Bars

    Agreed with Delta.

    Though I haven't eaten this I would be much more prone to making my own food from ingredients that are whole or as whole as possible rather than eating some frankenfood.

    Remember that atkins bars weren't heavily advertised when atkins was alive. TBH I'm not even sure if they even existed back then.

    Regardless I would say it's better to cook your own sweets from a low carb recipe place like Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes - Recipes

    Also you can tweak those recipes as I just made a flax - almond cinnamon granola wannabe that had flax meal, almonds, liquid splenda, cinnamon, nutiva coconut oil, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT parmesan cheese. Tasted amazing after the inclusion of cheese (sounds disgusting but tasted great after it cooked in the microwave)

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    Default Re: Atkins Advantage Bars

    I too am of the "stick with real foods" opinion. I've used the bars occasionally, but not very happily. They didn't stall me back then, but so many people do fall by the wayside because of them. I really don't believe they're any good for you.
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