Hey everybody! A little back story.... I started Atkins in March of 2012, and have officially lost 70 pounds!! I love my new way of eating and the lifestyle I've created for myself. I chose to make this change for a few reasons, but one of the biggest being that my husband suffered a heart attack in July of 2011 and I wanted to not only be a healthier person, but hopefully motivate him to make some changes. The heart attack was an absolute shock to us. My husband had just turned 37 when the heart attack happened... he is not a "big" man, or a lazy man, in fact everyone calls him The Bulldog... he's owned and ran moving companies all his life and could run a washer up three flights of stairs without even getting winded. He was a strong and motivated person... we would have NEVER expected heart problems. But it happened, out of the blue, and changed both our lives forever.

He was diagnosed with diabetes about 10-15 years ago, and has always been diligent out his numbers and his meds. His A1C has been well within an "acceptable" range, always! But since the heart attack, and the NINE medications he takes a day... he's not a happy camper. He tires VERY easily, and has lost a LOT of muscle mass. He hasn't technically gained any weight, but we can both see that it's because his muscle has been replaced with fat.

Either way, he's ready to make a change. He needed time to process this life change and it's been very hard for him to accept, but he refuses to "lay down and die" (his words), and I want to do EVERYTHING in my power to support him. We've started walking in the evenings, going as far as he can manage for now, and I'd like to start changing his diet drastically. The diet is going to be his biggest struggle... he's set in his ways and food means a lot to him. He's a traditional hispanic kind of guy, and there's so much emotion tied up in his food. But he does realize that he can't eat the way he always has and make any progress. That's not to say he eats terribly now! He watches his starches, stays clear of red meat, low sodium, NO sweets, etc. but he eats a LOT of carbs in my opinion and he knows this. "Put down that tortilla!" is a common phrase in my kitchen! I tend to lean towards the "if it's not in the house, I can't eat it!" school of thought, but that hasn't been a fight I win around here. And I should ad that we're a household of TEN... and they have to eat too. As much as I'd love it... I can't put EVERYONE in the house on my diet so a whole bunch of "no-no's" exist in this house on a daily basis. Difference is, I WANT this, so it's not a temptation for me. I just make sure there are LOTS of good options for me and I've never had a "but I'm starving so just this once won't hurt" moment.

Anyway, you get the picture, so here's my question, and I need some help... I want this to be a smooth and successful transition so I don't loose him on the path! I know what to eat for myself. I make modified meals when I'm cooking for the whole house, no problem... but what, if anything, should I be doing for HIM and his particular circumstances?? Is there anything I should or shouldn't feed him since he's diabetic and on all sorts of heart meds?? His main goal is to get healthy and fit and get OFF some of these meds!

Seriously, any and all advice y'all can throw my way would be MUCH appreciated!