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Thread: Atkins has worked wonders for my husband.

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    Cool Atkins has worked wonders for my husband.

    My husband has had amazing success with lowering his blood sugar numbers while on the Atkins diet. Previously his number were getting out of control and his doctor started mentioning insulin shots. We told the doctor we wanted to try Atkins first. I could see she wasn't impressed but told my hubby to go ahead a try. His number used to range from 200-160 now they are low 100s and 90s with a few 80s thrown in. He can't wait to see his doctors face at his next appointment.

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    Default Re: Atkins has worked wonders for my husband.

    I still cannot believe doctors are like this? I get disappointed every time I hear a story like this.
    Great news about your husband

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    Default Re: Atkins has worked wonders for my husband.

    Yeah...she's a young doctor and I'm sure in med school they probably discourage this way of dieting. It doesn't conform to their view of eating healthy. I'm sure she'll have a new found respect for the plan when my husband visits her at the end of the month.

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    Default Re: Atkins has worked wonders for my husband.

    Just checking in here to see how that doctor's visit ended up, Judy. I've been off the boards a long while, but this thread has my interest as we are always looking for evidence to persuade my diabetic FIL to cut down his carbs. His doctors definitely have not recommended a low carb diet.
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