My name is Anna I am from London!
This is my second time around doing Atkins! First time was very successful, I had lost 15 kg, but a summer vocation had ruined everything for me... Well, I am back again with even bigger weight to loose!

The problem is - I don't seem to get any results yet, at least not the way I did first time round.. And I know its just a matter of time until I start loosing again, but it is so discouraging that sometimes I don't feel like I can pull it through.

Four months ago I have even joined a gym at the moment of despair and depression. (What a wrong reason to join) I have visited it 3 times ever since... (once to renew a lost membership card ) I can't make myself go there because it seems like I am the fattest there and everyone is watching me.. and I can't stand seeing myself in the mirrors..

Well... I have red the book, I did it all and had success.. But I need a friend who would support me at the moments of weakness.

If you think we could be useful to each other - drop me a line!