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Thread: Doctor says it's nothing, even despite nodules. ???

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    Default Doctor says it's nothing, even despite nodules. ???

    New here to ADBB and could not believe there was a forum assigned to thyroid, I am all over the place on the site these past few days, and I am so glad you all have come together in a community about this "very important organ." I was searching for feedback on thyroid nodules, and came to an old post, so I know that these questions have been discussed but I had further questions and wanted to start a new post, just in case the old was not being checked much anymore (from 2012).

    I was recurrently sick many times winter of 2010, and told my Doc that I felt like my glands were swollen behind ears, she told me I was overreacting but did feel an enlarged thyroid. I went for ultrasound to find that I have three water-filled cysts (2 on L 1 on R) and was told to come back each year (which I have done and they have not changed- thankfully). But I have all the classic symptoms of hypo or mixed thyroid, and the family hx, but the endocrinologist stated I have no thyroid issue. It is infuriating. He even did an insulin-test and stated I was bordering on insulin-resistance, but not there yet. Which obviously Atkins will help with, I always feel better with less carbs in general, but still have some of my sx even when on it.

    Specialist even performed T tests and nothing showed. How could this be? I am NOT by any means looking for a magic pill/quick cure (most of this is lifestyle issue), but cannot help but think there is something going on with my thyroid (dizziness, EASILY gain weight/hard losing even when monitoring, mood swings, belly bloating, tired, everything) and would love to know. I do know that one can have nodules that are undetected all your life, until they swell there is no telling when they occurred, but there has to be something.

    Anyone going/have gone through this, that can add some insight? Thoughts anyone? Cortisol connection instead?

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    Default Re: Doctor says it's nothing, even despite nodules. ???

    I have no idea. I have no knowledge as to what the symptoms would even be but I sure do hope something happens to give you relief from all the worry and annoyance.
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