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Thread: Supporting Membership

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  1. Default Supporting Membership

    Becoming a supporting member not only provides you the prestigious: "Supporting Member" status but also give extra privileges such as additional PM message space and forums restricted to only supporting members. To become a supporting member please visit: Become a Supporting Member Now Regards, Tom ***

    Thank you in advance for considering Supporting Membership.

    Validity periods marked with a * indicate that this subscription is recurring. After the initial subscription period is complete, the subscription will automatically be renewed with a new charge.

  2. Default Re: Supporting Membership

    Currently, a Supporting Member will receive the following perks:
    1. Supporting Member banner under username
    2. More private message space
    3. More signature space
    4. Access to the Arcade
    5. More personal gallery space
    6. No ads
    7. Tickers can be Clickable links
    8. Access to Supporting Member forum
    9. Access to Supporting Member Challenge


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