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Thread: Feeling low & blue. Help please... :(

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    Default Feeling low & blue. Help please... :(

    Hi all, I have been doing induction for about 3 weeks now. Actually I had a severe case of PMS that lasted almost a week so decided to extend my induction into a third week to compensate.
    Alls been going well, I've been working out (if I don't, then I dont lose weight) and eating almost well (except sometimes) and taking a multi vitamin to supplement.
    Tomorrow is my last day of induction and even though I am glad to be out of it, I enjoyed the weight loss. Lost about 5kg so far since I started.

    So my problem is, this last week, or ever since PMS & TOM, I have really not got back to being myself in terms of energy. Infact I think as each day passes I am draining out even more. I always (for 2 years now) workout in the morning on an empty stomach. I take a glass of water immediately upon waking and a good protein carb rich breakfast immediately after my workout plus lots of water (ok, now is protein fat rich breakfast since atkins) . However this last week I will be lucky if I can drag myself out of bed. I went to the gym just twice this week and stopped since yesterday, as I was depleting any energy I had left and feeling really exhausted the rest of the day.

    Mum came to visit last night and she said I looked as though someone had wrung me out. She said I sounded as though I was speaking each sentence with an effort.
    I actually feel as though I am taking a lot of effort even to simply breathe and I have been yawning excessively. I'm not hungry and I'm bloated as though food is stuck in my throat. I have had a previous case of 'nervous exhaustion' and I am assuming its just a replay of that considering I am at a bit of a stressful time in my life lately.
    The thing that excites me most right now is a bed with a blanket so I can simply go to sleep. I took the day off from work yesterday but today I had to come in as I am traveling in 2 days and have to finish a couple of stuff. I'll be lucky if I can get through today.

    I would like to see a doc, but am a bit afraid considering if he suggests a blood work, and my blood work shows an increase in LDL cholesterol or something? I have heard that there can be a slight increase in LDL cholesterol in the initial stages of atkins then it levels out... I never had cholesterol before, but with the no. of eggs, oil, butter and meat I've been having really nervous. Cause if at all it shows an increase it could send my family into a fit as they would say I'm ruining my health.

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    Default Re: Feeling low & blue. Help please... :(


    I had blood tests done about 5 weeks into Atkins and my LDL was 0.7 whereas the technician said, it should be at about 1. I have no idea, if that is, because my cholesterol is very low alltogether or if it's because of lowcarb.
    You wrote, that you are excercising a lot, you might want to move on to OWL, because it might be, that you need more carbs. You will need some if you are excercising vigorously.
    Go to your doctor and get a blood test, it can be something unrelated and just explain about your LDL if you need to.
    Best regards

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    Default Re: Feeling low & blue. Help please... :(

    Thanks Lori-UK,
    I am moving into OWL so hopefully that should sort things out a bit. Also I think I figured why I lose my appetite, taking multi vitamins make me sick, even though I have it following my meal. I will be getting my blood work done as soon as possible, but might wait 2 weeks more to see how things go first so its easier to explain to the doctor what I am going through exactly... I hope.


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