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Thread: Small Celebrations Challenge!

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    Default Small Celebrations Challenge!

    Donuts.... Oh, the donuts. Ugh. Great Job, Amy!!!

    Success (yesterday) was writing down each meal for next 7 days down to the gram. The only way I know how to stick back to this precisely! Onto shopping today and cooking all of Saturday morn! Happy Weekend!!!

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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    Not a particularly marvelous day - got stuck in the mother of all traffic jams and it took me 2h30 to get to work this morning, and I was 40 minutes late for my first meeting.... But my celebration today is that I was down on the scale this morning....and it's the weekend!!!

    Wooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo!

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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    I walked! All the way down the road and round and back up the next road...I can't believe I did it!

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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    Hooray for Ingrid on the scale! - and double hooray for focusing on the celebration on an otherwise rough morning!!

    High-five Janet! Whoot Whoot! I love it!

    Here's a mini celebration before even getting out of bed! ... I seem to have adjusted to daylight savings time already - I woke up at my "regular time" this morning!

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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    Hooray for all of us, and hooray for Amy for starting this to make us reflect on the positives every day!

    Well done on that walk Janet!!!

    My celebration today is the realisation that I need to go back to basics a bit on my eating - I am sooooo close to goal (somewhere between 3and 5 kg's... If I could just lose these dang thunder thighs!) and I've been bouncing along the rungs merrily and stay around the same weight for 2.5 weeks. Not sure if this is a stall or my carb limit, but I'm not ready to stall or hit a ceiling, so it's time to OWN my journey again!

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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    That's awesome Ingrid!! I LOVE when I get an epiphany that's so empowering!! Whoot!

    My next little celebration for today ...
    It was 12:53.. I thought, oh Heck, no time to walk before lunch ends. I almost pouted, having not been outside all day.

    Then I realized there's no law that mandates a 20 minute minimum on walking - lol- I got up, got out in that sunshine, and walked around the employee parking lot for about 7 minutes. That's 7 minutes I could have been sitting in my cubicle poking at my phone. Lol!

    It was awesome, uplifting, energizing! Mood improved, small dose of vitamin d, and I reinforced the behavior of taking a few spare minutes to do SOMETHING rather than nothing!


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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    I love this is so uplifting and motivational for me to see how much the little things in life can determine our moods and help get us through the day!

    My granddaughter spent the night here last night because both her parents had to be at work early today so I had to get her ready for school and put her on the bus. She was sick during the night and we were up from 2am until 3:30 but then slept well the rest of the night with no relapses, so this morning, we both woke up feeling good and in good spirits so the day started off a lot better than I had expected it to and I'm very grateful for that because I hate to wake up sleepy and grumpy.
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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    I have a small celebration ....When I arrived home this afternoon my 5 orphan lambs were calling to me , twins and triplets , the triplets Mum ( our best ewe ) died when they were 4 days old and I promised her I would look after them ( may seem soppy to some of you ) , they are now 5 weeks old and a credit to their mum and to me .
    It warms my heart xx

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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    Welcome Nyna and June! It's so true, we always just focus on what went wrong that we forget how much we have to be grateful for every day.

    My celebration today is that I got a extra work to do - ' Not unhappy about the extra work at all, as it adds a depth of experience to me which I need, it just means I have to restructure expectations and my own days a bit more!
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    Default Re: Small Celebrations Challenge!

    Rock ON!

    Y'all are giving me such a boost! I love sharing in your celebrations!! Hooray!

    My little celebration is that I felt comfortable enough at work to joke around a bit by email with my supervisor! ...
    Now this is actually MUCH bigger than it sounds. My last work place, I of a select group of workers targeted to's just say "unpleasant working conditions". Long story.
    I got out, and with a promotion btw , to the (freakin' awesome) job I have now.

    I left the old job more than a little shell-shocked from my experience. It took me a while to not feel like I was balancing on the edge of a razor when I went to work.

    I've totally come back to being myself!
    We've got some mandatory tb testing and vaccinations coming up at work. We got our email today explaining how the courtroom clerks would be coordinating receiving our injections and still maintain courtroom coverage.

    I wrote back to my supervisor and told her ...
    "You know, I've read at least three different books that suggest that this is EXACTLY how the zombie apocalypse is going to start. ... ...government employees
    just sayin' Lol"

    She joked back about that no one would be excused if we tried to call in undead....and that she'd be in her office with the door locked if anyone was looking for her!" Ha ha ha

    I probably shouldn't have typed out the whole story...but it still cracks me up! And being able to crack up at work is an epic relief! Truly worth celebrating!

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