I've seen the "good karma" and "no negatives" challenges, and this is along those lines, but a little different.

I believe that we all need to celebrate our little victories as often as we can!

I challenge you to post about something you can celebrate about today!

If you got a new job, or got engaged - that's great, feel free to post, but what we're really looking for is building the behavior of seeing the good even when we've had a tough day, or it seems nothing spectacular happened.

Did you walk away from the bagels at work? Hooray!! Bravo!
Did you park far away from the store and walk the extra distance? Awesome! Did you have great service at a restaurant and decide to tell the manager?
Did you have a situation that didn't go as planned, but you managed to see the good in it anyway? Yay!

You can post whenever you wish! ...
For the purpose of building a positive behavior I'm going to make a recommendation:
I suggest that you favorite the thread, and each evening (maybe after dinner?) You post *something* positive about your day.
...even if all you can think of to post is "I read this thread and it made me smile"

I *know* you can think of something! Give it a try!
Practice seeing the positive, even on the days you have look a little harder!

Will you accept the challenge?