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Thread: Thyroid function improving!

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    Default Thyroid function improving!

    I have been on synthroid tab 0.1 mg (or synthriod 100) for 2 years now. I have a great endro Dr that is very thorough, but he has warned that I will eventually need a higher dose, because I guess thats just what happens.

    I had labs drawn a year ago and they were within normal range. Well, 15 days after starting Atkins, my tsh is showing too low and free t-4 levels are showing too high. He is reducing my dosage!

    I did some googling and found that soy can be a huge factor in thyroid absorption. I haven't had any soy, other than what's in my mayo, and I believe that might possibly be one factor as to why my levels have changed. Any thoughts or has this happened to any of you?

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    Default Re: Thyroid function improving!

    I can't offer any enlightenment but would like to say CONGRATULATIONS on the improved function.
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    Default Re: Thyroid function improving!

    Other foods can impact thyroid function, especially in the gut, such as wheat, sugar, other grains, processed foods, etc. They cause inflammation which also can affect the thyroid, adrenals, etc. Atkins eliminates many of these foods from your diet which allows the body to heal.

    I was also able to reduce my thyroid medication. But also found that I do better on both T4 and T3 medication, not just T4 alone, so make sure your doctor is checking both of those plus TPO.
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