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Thread: Probably the most Motivating esperience EVER

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    Default Probably the most Motivating esperience EVER

    Hi there Atkinites,

    I woke up today and I did NOT feel like exercising at the local gym but I got ready and went anyway. I entered the gym and started to stretch and preparing for my routine. I was NOT into this work out. But as I was stretching, I noticed a very elderly lady (70+) finishing her stretching and getting ready to walk.. She looked at me and noticed, I was not into working out. She said to me, "Hard to get motivated?" Yes ma'am I responded. "Well young man (haha me 58 ), do you know what motivates me?" I was curious and respectful, and said "what was that?" She said, "Working out keeps me ALIVE." Wow, I was stunned and it turned my motivation into a drive to her standards. TO LIVE.

    Even just 30 minutes a day 5 days a week of moderate exercise can make a difference. Simple and sweet but I will NEVER forget her advice to me. As we eat to live we can also add Exercise to Live as well. Bless that lady.

    Do Atkins and Exercise, DO IT.


    Don Eckard (Odosan)

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    Default Re: Probably the most Motivating esperience EVER

    A-men. And if you are blessed enough with the ability to do it, then by God, do it. Thanks for sharing this story, I loved it.
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    Default Re: Probably the most Motivating esperience EVER

    Wonderful share of some wonderful wise words, thank you
    ~This is not a diet... It is My Life ~

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    Default Re: Probably the most Motivating esperience EVER

    So true! I need to start exercising. Im just confused with my life my first and only will be 11 months old and I breastfeed so getting on a schedule is so hard. I do so many things, but guess what? I need time for working out!! I need to make time. Ill meditate and find a solution. My home being clean is a huge priority. But my baby has been teething since she was 3 months and needs me all the time. I look like **** a lot. Whatever... excuses.

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    Default Re: Probably the most Motivating esperience EVER

    I didnt know H3LL was a bad word lol ^^

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    Default Re: Probably the most Motivating esperience EVER

    Have you seen any of the Walk Away The Pounds videos on You Tube? They start quite gently but are deceptive you get a good workout in the privacy of your own home which is very convenient - don't need a lot of space, and can be accessed when you want. Walk Away The Pounds with Leslie Sansone, something to check out until you can become more organised with gym, etc.


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