Greetings Atkinites,

I am on maintenance (9+ years) and have been exercising regularly for the past 2 years. I have a trainer that has helped me gain balance, stability, and a whole lot of Tone in my muscles. Now the trainer wants me to add protein to my diet prior to my daily work outs. But he wants quick digesting protein prior to my morning training. He suggested Whey protein. So after a few weeks of this, my work outs are not so tiring and I have the stamina to push through the 2 hours of weight training without any fatigue like I had in the past.

The bottom line, trainers help (if you find a good one) and at age 58 years old, my body feels like a I was in my 30's. So happy and satisfied with all things now. I could NOT have done it without Atkins and exercise. Please trust me. I know if you all work through Atkins and exercise (at your levels), you too will have wonderful results.

So do Atkins and exercise; DO IT.