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    6 years ago I use to weigth 220 pounds, I.m 5.6 feet tall, I did plenty of those high carb/low fat diets, even those low calorie diet losing nothing. I did Atkins at that once even with all the nutricionist doctors telling me I was crazy, and that I was going to die from hearth attack if I do Atkins diet, but I refuse to listen to them (glad I did) and I went from 220 pounds to 150 pounds , I was extremely happy and was laughing at all those nutritionist doctors face. Well, I did stay on Atkins for 3 years than I quit and went back to the ordinary no-diet life. I did gain back a few pounds, and today 4 years later I decide to do Atkins again, currently I am at 175 pounds and I want to go down to 155 pounds at least. My husband is diabetic type 1 he do not control his sugars levels, he just inject 1 dose of insulin per day and eat anything he find (you got it, cookies, cakes, rice, beans, etc). He decide to do Atkins with me, so we both started Atkins a week ago, I am not diabetic so I don,t know how to manage well his blood sugar and insulin. He does have mild high BP (140-100) to be exact, I hope this diet help him to low his BP and his sugar levels, but I am a little affraid of ketones on him....I apologize for my ignorance, but how can I avoid that my husband get ketoacidosis?, he refuse to test his blood sugar levels so I don,t know how his blood sugar is doing with Atkins, but I,m affraid of letting him eating like 25 and 35 grams carbs daily and he getting into there a way I can avoid this for him?

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    Ketosis and ketoacidoses are different (excuse my spelling). I don't know much about it though. Maybe put in a call to his physician's office?

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    Low carb diets are usually recommended for diabetics. As hoping wrote above, Atkins causes ketosis, not ketoacidosis.

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    Type 1 diabetes needs to be monitored by a physician when drastically changing diet. His insulin needs will change as his sugars come under better control, but only his doc can make that decision. Hubby should also use Ketostix, especially in the beginning. As long as he is taking a proper dose of insulin, he 'should not' go into ketoacidosis, but since he does not check his blood sugars, he needs to monitor for ketoacidosis. He most definitely needs to test his blood sugars!!! Critically low blood sugars are as dangerous as critically high blood sugars (I know this in the worst way possible).
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    Thaks for reply, I will share a bit of my hubby history. He doesn,t like to monitor his blood glucose, his last 2 AC1 test average were between 11-13 . He once did Atkins with me but like for 1 month only, that only time he did had another AC1 test which came back as 9 (it was getting down) but since he left the diet...well..again he go back to the 11-13 AC1.

    He,s taking 1 insulin shot everyday (he always had been this way) , he supposed to have 3 shots per day I think, but he only do 1 shot and forget about it until next day. Unfortunately here were I live there is no Ketostix strip to test for ketones, and if I talk to my hubby about ketones and ketoacidosis he,s gona get scared and will leave Atkins going back to his old eating habits of like 500grams of carbs daily , 1 single shot of insulin per day and his blood glucose over 250mg every day..

    I,m going to try to push him to at least test his blood glucose and see how Atkins is working with him, I want to help him but I don,t want to put his life at risk with ketoacidosis, I don,t understand very well the difference between ketones and ketoacidosis, as far as I understand ketoacidosis occurs when there is not much insulin in the body and glucose on blood gets very high because of this....that,s means my hubby had been all the time in ketoacidosis? I mean since he didn,t take care of himself before Atkins and always had blood glucose above 300mg and eating plenty of I guess this way of eating won,t kill him unless he forgot to put his insulin shot on a day.

    Let me see what I can do


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