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Thread: Mtg girls at Olive Garden tonight, would really like (1) drink scanning drinklist

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    Default Mtg girls at Olive Garden tonight, would really like (1) drink scanning drinklist

    Trying to figure out if it’s worth it or not wish there was some wine or other drinks I could have any suggestions?
    I am going to try to order some kind of chicken, sautéed mushrooms on the side specifically to be only butter induced along with a good veggie.
    On Halloween I was on my 3 week of induction(2nd time around) and ended up having a light beer which the next day I had to start all over having headache, peeing all the time....just getting back into Ketosis again. Took 2 days.

    Anyway I did search the forums under Olive Garden and gathered some great food ideas now just looking to have one decent drink without spoiling ketosis. Maybe it’s just not worth it but I only see my girlfriends once a month and would simply love one.

    PS This week i started excerising 3 times a week and walking at lunch. This is brand new to me I was a very sedentary person so trying to pat myself on the back for just surviving these tough classes, However I'm in my 4th week and Zero pounds have come off in last 8 days getting frusterated....

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    Default Re: Mtg girls at Olive Garden tonight, would really like (1) drink scanning drinklist

    Vodka or any other hard liquor with diet coke. Food wise, the salmon with veggies.

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    Default Re: Mtg girls at Olive Garden tonight, would really like (1) drink scanning drinklist

    No suggestions except liquor I've read on here but wanted to say good job on working out!

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    Default Re: Mtg girls at Olive Garden tonight, would really like (1) drink scanning drinklist

    Lots of suggestions since I used to wait tables for a living. Never be afraid to ask for exactly what you want and don't want. You can order anything you like by looking at what ingredients they have in them online ahead of time. For instance you could have :

    Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta appetizer with celery sticks instead of bread
    Spicy Calabrian Wings appetizer: Check on sugar though even though it wasn't listed as an ingredient
    Chicken Meatballs Small Plate
    Baked Tilapia Shrimp - Alfredo dipping sauce on side
    Crispy or Roasted Parmesan Asparagus (Both Atkins friendly)
    Polenta Shrimp alla Greca: Without polenta: Sautéed shrimp topped with a fresh blend of olives, capers and tomato sauce
    Center Cut Filet Mignon: 6 oz premium cut filet, seasoned with italian herbs and grilled. Served with parmesan roasted asparagus.
    Steak Toscano: Grilled 12 oz
    Choice Center Cut New York strip steak brushed with Italian herbs and extra-virgin olive oil your side of choice.
    Marinated Grilled
    Chicken Breast topped with garlic and rosemary. Served with spinach.
    Grilled Salmon Filet brushed with Italian herbs and extra-virgin olive oil. Served with lightly seasoned, steamed broccoli.

    Other options you can build your own custom meal with by just asking the server.
    Italian Sausage @ 1 carb per serving
    Meatballs @.5 carb per meatball
    Alfredo sauce - 8 carb per serving (ask what serving is if you want this)
    Grilled Chicken
    Grilled Shrimp
    Tomato Sauce 6 c

    Marinara Sauce 4

    Alfredo dipping sauce - 5 carb

    Parmesan-Peppercorn Sauce 6 carb

    Red or White Wine - 8
    Light Draft - 6 arbs for bottle Draft is 20 oz @ 8
    Any hard liquor with diet cola or seltzer water. Or bring your own sugar free mix or soda with you to put into your vodka/tequila/whiskey

    I don't drink anymore but I used to be able to have a few glasses of wine and sometimes one light beer a couple times a week. Just watch your
    carb counts. Beer tends to be high in carbs but the light versions are alright. The carb count on the wines here seem high to me but double check and most of all - Have fun tonight and enjoy your friends!!

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