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Good to know! I am currently feeling okay on not much in terms of vegetables, and I'm losing. Clearly this isn't a great way to live the rest of my life, but I'll see how I can add veg back in probably once farmstand season kicks in again.
Hi, I am back after a lengthy break, haven't commented much in the past but this post really resonated with me.

I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago and have had horrendous gut problems ever since. Well before it wasn't so great either; was already gluten, dairy and fructose free.

I was reluctant to re-start Atkins because I figured the high fat would make things a lot worse- I'd been living on Loperemide (to slow down bowel motility) and anti-nausea tabs forever.

Recently I was referred to a dietician; as soon as I described my symptoms she exclaimed "FODMAPS!"

Lots of info available online, so I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say, by limiting or cutting certain vegetables (that I was having plenty of thinking they were essential to good health) I have been nausea free for six weeks, and the other problem is very much reduced.

My gut is still a little tender at times; I measure salad vegetables such as baby spinach and stirfry them; other days they are fine raw. I can usually tell which it will be just by looking at them lol!

I hope this helps a little