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Thread: Technical Tips and How To's

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  1. Default Technical Tips and How To's

    Clickable Links
    You can make this: http://www.atkinsdietbulletinboard.c...splay.php?f=94
    look like this:
    Journal Stats

    Making a link "clickable" is fairly easy once you have done it. I will attempt to lay out the instructions for you.

    1. Copy the url address of the thread you would like to make "clickable". This means to highlight it, right click your mouse and click copy.

    2. Go to your post, signature, etc where you will be placing the clickable link.

    3. Type:
    Leave out the * symbol when you do this. I placed it there to show you how it should look.

    4. Paste the url address you just copied directly after that. No spaces.

    5. Place the ending bracket ] after the url address.

    6. Type in what ever you want to be seen such as the name of your journal. Example: I would type Jimmie Jo's Journal. floydgirl might type Look At My Grandbaby! if she was posting a thread of baby pics.

    7. End the whole line with [*/url], again leave out the * symbol when you do this.

    Your line should look something like this:
    [*url=]Chat it up in Chit Chat!!![*/url]


    Leaving the * out, the link looks like this:
    Chat it up in Chit Chat!!!

    You can add color, bold type or change the font to your clickable link, also.


  2. Default Re: Technical Tips and How To's

    There are several websites that allow you to create tickers. Some suggestions are below.

    The Ticker Factory: Graphical Tickers and Trackers: Weight Loss, Trying To Conceive, Pregnancy...
    ADBB Tickers Free Weight Loss Tickers

    Please do not use tickers from "competitive" websites, such as the Phentermine Forums, 3 Fat Chicks or Weight Loss Centers. Sites considered "competitive" would be those that are not following Atkins or have their own Bulletin Boards.


  3. Default Re: Technical Tips and How To's

    {Originally posted by Georgiana}

    Create an ADBB Ticker

    1. Go to the tickers page. You can do this by clicking on the Ticker tab on the navigation bar or by going to ADBB Ticker Site

    2. Click on Start Ticker Creation:

    3. You will see a list of different backgrounds for your ticker. Select the one you like by clicking on the little circle on its left. For example,

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Step Two: Select your Slider.

    5. Select the slider you like by clicking on the circle right below it. For example,

    6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Step Three: Input Text.

    7. Enter a PIN you would like to use for accessing your ticker data in the future.

    8. Select the privacy settings you prefer: private data or public data.

    9. Select what you want to be displayed by your ticker: weight change, weight or waist measurements. Below are examples for each of these three options.

    a) Weight change

    b) Weight (is different from a) only if your data is public)

    c) Waist, using private data

    d) Waist, using public data

    10. Enter your weight and waist measurements.

    11. Optional step: Enter your height.

    12. Optional step: Enter a text to display above the ticker. For example, if you enter "started Atkins on October 20th, 2009", and depending on the options you selected in Step 9, the ticker will look something like this:

    13. Optional step: Select an image to display to the left side of the ticker. Please note that the image must be in .jpg format and the file size should be less than 100 KB and 600 pixels. Depending on the options you selected in the previous steps, the result will be similar to the one in the example below:

    14. Click on the Create Ticker button.

    15. After clicking Create Ticker, on top of the next page you will see how your ticker looks like. Below the image of the ticker, you will see your username and password (PIN); write them down. Underneath, there are three codes (HTML, PseudoHTML or BBCode, and Ezcode) and a direct link to your image (ends in .png). Select the BBCode with your mouse; make sure you select everything. Copy the text either by pressing Ctrl+C or by clicking the right-mouse button and then Copy.

    16. In a different window or tab, go to the ADBB main page:

    17. Click on Settings found at the upper right of the page. Next, on the left side of the page you will see Edit Signature.

    18. Paste the text you copied (the BBCode) in your signature text box, either by pressing Ctrl+V or by clicking the right-mouse button and then Paste.

    19. Click Preview Signature to make sure your signature looks fine. The ticker (an image) should be now visible in your signature.

    20. If it looks fine, then click Save Signature.

    *** Non Supporting Members will need to remove the url portion of the BB Code in order for the ticker to work. Supporting Members use the entire code.



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