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Thread: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

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    Default How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    Lately, I feel that weighing myself throws me in a bit of a wonder because my scale keeps fluctuating and when it doesn't go down I feel de-motivated. I am just curious as what kind of experience with weighing scale other people experience? What is the correct interval for weighing oneself? I realize that it will be different for everyone, nevertheless I am curious.
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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    Hey there,
    I weigh myself and take measurements every week. After the first week when i lost a huge amount, to see the scales just go 1 kilo or 2 was a bit demotivating at first because I think you kinda hope you will lose huge all the time. Ofc reality is it just wont happen like that. I take measurements because that really motivates me. The inches are dropping off all over even if the scales do not always reflect that.

    I am very aware not to become too scale dependent BUT the once a week is important for me especially now that I am moving into OWL ,as you have to monitor what is happening to your body. I would not panic too much if i stayed the same weight a week or 2 , unless it was 3 weeks or more. At that point I would re- evaluate what i was eating and make sure I was following the rules correctly.

    I think there is a danger of judging yourself and your progress by the scales and you gotta try to look beyond that and use them as a tool . Have you lost inches ? How often do you measure yourself and how often are you weighing yourself ?

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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    I weigh myself daily when I'm on Atkins. If I don't weigh and enter the amount in my Stats thread then y'know I ain't on it! Agh.

    However, in my heart of hearts I know that weighing can be just another addiction. I think a tape measure would be a more reliable weight loss tool. Measure once a week is what I should be doing but I do luv my digital scales that I got off ebay. Congrats on your weight loss so far, don't stress about it, just keep going.

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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    I'm another daily weigher but only as a matter of habit!

    When I started induction I used to hop on several times a day so realised that it fluctuated all the time almost regardless of how I ate :0
    So I would only take notes of my first-thing-in-the-morning weight.

    If seeing the normal ups and downs bother anyone and make them doubt their choices I would agree with the "once a week" camp. Only if someone can accept the fluctuations as normal and not go into a tailspin trying to work out reasons for them would I suggest weighing daily!

    Nowadays I don't count a lower (or higher) weight till I have seen it 5 times in a row to make sure it is an actual change rather than a water fluctuation due to the occasional "blip" after eating out, not drinking enough water, etc.

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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    No more than once a week. I'd be so frustrated if I weighed every day!

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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    I weigh in and use a measuring tape to weight and measure once a week.
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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    I weigh in daily.
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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    I AM scale obsessed - but I've got it down to averaging out 3 scales (yeah, 3 scales- I said obsessed! once a week.

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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    I have never been a daily weigher, but for several months, while I was doing the 6 Weeks Exercise Challenge, I weighed twice a week. It was very frustrating when I saw no loss or even a gain while eating exactly on plan and exercising diligently. Sooooo ... I decided I had "Watched Pot Syndrome" and stopped weighing for a month and promptly started losing pounds. I am now weighing no more than every two weeks and haven't had one gain (or if I did, I didn't know about it). Although in my head I know fluctuations happen, emotionally I was letting it stress me out.
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    Default Re: How often does everyone weigh themselves?

    I weigh daily. I wake up, go potty, strip naked and jump on it and then I go get my coffee. Now I have gone through phases in my life when I didn't even own a scale because I gave that object so much power over my self worth. I'd go to Target and jump on a scale there if I really had to take a look. If the scale is discouraging you than it's time to get out the tape measure and use clothing to see your weight loss and use those tools instead. And put the scale away. Bring it out and see if you can have a healthy relationship with it again later. It doesn't mean it's a permanent situation. Just a break from the unhealthy relationship. Ha!

    When I started Atkins last September I wanted to weigh every day and track it with a graph in my Fitday because I had remembered that I always weighed heavier on Atkins while wearing smaller clothing. And I remembered my weight would stay the same for weeks at times. I think it's all the lean muscle we get eating this way. I wanted to see the pattern because it's extremely rare for me to even weigh the same each day. I go up, down, up up, down down and have a net loss monthly. I won't have a loss for another week or so probably. I've lost inches though and that's what I really care about: loose clothing and a better body. So you want to use the tools that work for you. Not against. This really is a journey of seeing what motivates you, what is a helpful tool (tape measure) and what is discouraging (the scale).

    It's a very individual thing like Daynalyn saying it would hurt her more then help weighing daily. I find when I don't weight daily (like Jan) I tend to start grazing and that is bad for me even on legal foods. I need routine. I need structure and that's why I like Atkins. Many people can't stand the weight fluctuations and go off the plan but it's too bad beause Atkins works. It's working inside you even when the s
    cale just flips you off. Okay That was an extremely long reply. Sorry.

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