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Thread: Sleep Apnea and BMR

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    Lightbulb Sleep Apnea and BMR

    Hello everyone

    I have a simple question but yet complicated : Does a sickness like Sleep Apnea can affect the BMR calcul?

    I have been disgnosed with severe sleep apnea 1 month ago, and i've been sleeping bad for at least 7 years now. I wakeup 1.5 time per minute. all. night. long. It is hard to have energy and loose weight in this case! I am happy now i have a CPAP and I use it everynight. It is really working with me! I keep trying Atkins for the last 5 years now. I was off for the last years because i was so confused and frustrated, I wasnt able to loose weight and I didnt understand what was wrong. Now i think i have the answer!

    I am pretty sure I was eating too much calories! I'm a female, 5'0'', 250Lbs and i'm 32. So i am supposed to eat 1874Cal per day. This is a lot! But what if my basal metabolism was lower because i dont get all the sleep i need? What do you think about it?

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    Default Re: Sleep Apnea and BMR

    Hi Leilouangel. I think it's very much accepted now that if you don't get a good, full nights sleep you will be overweight.

    Not great is it? I think my sister has this problem too.


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