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Thread: 6 WEC {Week Exercise Challenge} Rules

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  1. Default 6 WEC {Week Exercise Challenge} Rules


    • Make a record of your starting measurements (inches and pounds):
      -Chest ~ under your arms
      -Fullest part of chest ~ across nipples
      -Rib cage ~ just below breast
      -Waist ~ narrowest part
      -Hips ~ widest part
      -Upper arm x 2 ~ midway between shoulder and elbow
      -Thigh x 2 ~ about 3 inches down from crotch

    The above measurements are the only ones that will count for the challenge. Measurements are to be posted in the sign up thread

    • Decide how many days a week you promise to exercise. Post this in the sign up thread. The challenge weeks run from Sunday to Saturday. Late sign up posts will be accepted at the discretion of the Challenge leader.
    • Things like walking, jogging, running, weightlifting and light weights, swimming, playing sports, push ups, sit ups, major house cleaning, moving furniture, outside chores such as mowing and gardening count. Activities such as washing dishes or folding laundry do not qualify. A minimum of 15 continuous minutes is required.
    • Report each day, in the Six Week Challenge/Exercise forum, in the appropriate thread. Look for a thread titled something like "6 WEC #113, Week 1, Day 1, Sunday, April 24, 2016". Any Challenger, ready to post their exercise/rest/pto day can start the daily thread. If you fail to report 20 consecutive days you will be slugged. Do not send pm's to update activity, just post in the appropriate threads.
    • Once the challenge ends, you have 4 days to review the charts and post your losses in inches and pounds, in the Results Thread, if you want to be considered for a ribbon. Winners are determined first by inches lost and then by pounds lost. The top 3 winners will be announced in a separate thread and will receive ribbons that can be placed in their signature, if they choose to do so. You have to lose something to earn a ribbon. Zero inches and Zero pounds will not be accepted.
    • "Slug Free" buttons are also awarded. To earn the Slug Free Award you must successfully completed the entire challenge without receiving a slug.

    raphics and explanation for each are as follows:

    This graphic is charted for days that a Challenger reports exercise.
    This graphic is charted for rest days.
    PERSONAL TIME OUT.... PTO days will be used for sick days or days that a Challenger finds themselves too busy for exercise and other circumstances that find a Challenger pressed for time. Consider it a 'free day'. A Challenger will be allowed to use 5 PTO days during the challenge {6 for ADVANTAGE Challengers}. All 5 {or 6 for ADVANTAGE Challengers} can be used as needed, meaning all at once, 1 per week or not at all. These days will not count against you or your committed days. PTO days do not roll over to the following challenge.
    This graphic will be charted when a Challenger didn't exercise, have used all their PTO days and will not be able to fulfill the committed days. A slugged Challenger will not be eligible to earn a ribbon or a slug free award.


    A 6 WEC Advantage button will be given to Challengers who take part in the 6 Week Exercise Challenge and who conform to the following:

    • Join 3 consecutive challenges and
    • Commit to no less than 3 days of exercise each week and
    • Remain in the challenge for the entire 6 weeks and
    • Remain slug free for all three challenges

    You do not have to be a ribbon winner. The rules for the 6 WEC remain the same.

    The perks for those Challengers receiving the button are as follows:

    • 1 bonus PTO day, {6 instead of 5}
    • Automatic sign up for the following challenges.
    • Display the 6 WEC Advantage button.
    • Free Supporting Member status for 1 week.

    ​Once a Challenger has earned the ADVANTAGE they will keep it. Sign up for the following challenges will be automatic, however, if no participation is evident, I will assume that member no longer wishes to participate.

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