Welcome to the Sugar Beat Challenge, a challenge for those who love sugar but know they need to leave it.

Here, you'll avoid, every day, sugar in all its forms: cane, beet, corn (corn syrup products in supposedly Sugar Free products), and all those hidden sugars, the Label Lurkers.

Reading labels for lurking sugar is a skill you will definitely improve upon with this challenge. And what a great dietary skill to develop in your own success with Atkins!

Please sign up by tomorrow night and make it through seven days without sugar in any form. You'll post each day, when possible, or play catch up when you can, but post at least twice during the week to receive a Week Award Badge.

Because giving up sugar is harder than you might believe, you'll receive a blue fish for each day that you make it without any sugar. You deserve the daily award!

Believe it or not, seeing that little blue fish on the day that you made yourself give up your Aunt Hilda's tea cakes is a bigger deal than you might assume at first.

So, sign up and join us on the Sugar Beat Challenge, the board's hardest challenge for those of us who sabotage perfection on Atkins because of the seductive powers of sugar.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Sign up on Saturday or Sunday; begin successfully ignoring sugar on Sunday; the week ends on Saturday. Success = Sugar Beat Week badge awarded on Saturday/Sunday;

2. Success for four consecutive weeks = Sugar Beat Month badge.

3. Success is: Not succumbing to sugar in any form, be it corn, beets, or nefariously hidden 'oses.' Be on guard for label lurkers!

4. Read labels: If sugar itself is included in ingredients, it will knock you out of the challenge, so don't eat it. However, if something is sugar-cured and the carb content is 0, you may eat that product, such as some sugar-cured bacons that still show 0 carbs.

4. Sign in daily, when possible, just to note your successful day in brilliant language such as: Success: Dec. 6. Away from the computer? Just record your dates when you return, again with brilliant language: Success: Sept. 6 - 9. However, signing in daily keeps you accountable to yourself. And remember: you must sign in twice each week to qualify for the week award. Besides, you'll get lots of support from the group of Sugar Beaters as you work through your work successfully or not! We really do encourage each other, whether we make it or not.

5. Awards will be posted Saturday or Sunday.

6. If you succumb to sugar during the week, you don't have to confess or anything humiliating like that--unless you really want to because you believe it would be good for you. You just won't get the award that week. But you can still continue to earn your daily fish even if you've lost the week award.

7. Here are the Google Charts to the weekly wins:


8. Here are the awards you can show in your signature (little fish, we don't show, but they mean a great deal to us here):