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Thread: So relieved by what I read here

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    Default So relieved by what I read here

    Hello. I am sad to say I am joining y'all here. A week ago I had a reg. check up and my BS was 270. YUCK. I know better. I lost weight on atkins years ago and I let the weight creep back even though I knew I was at a super high risk. PCOS, GD, Pre diabetes... UHG No excuses, I was wrong and I have to deal with that.
    Anyways when I was pregnant diet brought it down and all the cure diabetes with low carb sites said instant results. So Two days later I got my meter and tested and it was only down to 260. I panicked and checked again. 280!! I panicked even more and it went higher! I later read that panic will cause a big spike.
    So I have spent a week wondering why my levels are not normal yet. It's been a week and I am also on metforim. Is there something terribly wrong and I am going to get really sick.
    This evening while looking around I found you and others that didn't see instant results and they were told they abused their bodies for years and it won't come down over night. Give it a month, maybe more.
    THANK YOU!! I am so relieved. Those people saying instant results should be ashamed of themselves. I was so scared.
    But anyways. Here I am on metforim twice a day. Seeing how well I am handling it with no side effects at all, I wish I had gone on it after the birth of my toddler. It may have kept me from going full blown type 2 diabetes.

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    Default Re: So relieved by what I read here

    Welcome aboard, Sara!

    I'm sorry to hear about your diabetes problems. My dh is going through the same thing and all he can do is wait and see what happens.

    Atkins is known to be good for controlling diabetes and I think you will like it, especially since you are on meds but not insulin. You said that you spent a week wondering why your BS hasn't come down. Do you mean that you've been on Atkins for a week? If so, what exactly have you been eating?

    We use the 2002 edition of the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution on this board and reading it is essential to success.
    Aka Nyna ~~~~I LOVE ATKINS!!!

    "Either you run the day, or the day runs you". Jim Rohn
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    Default Re: So relieved by what I read here

    Yes, I had been on Atkins for a week and had not seen a decrease. I was eating eggs, meat, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce and broccoli. Those basic things make up my meals.
    It's been ten days now, and it's coming down though. I was 161 this evening. A week ago I was still 280 so I am cheering! I have only been on Metforim since Monday so I am sure it's diet.


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