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Thread: Using cauliflower leaves

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    Default Using cauliflower leaves

    Just in case anyone else has never thought of cooking the leaves usually removed from a cauliflower and (in my case) always being thrown in the bin, I was short of veggies yesterday, only having a cauliflower which I was intending to use today to make caulirice. I removed its leaves and used scissors to cut across the stems into 1/4 inch thick slices of stem/leaf and cooked them as if they were cabbage.

    It was really tasty with more flavour then the light green cabbage I usually buy!

    I cooked half of them in salted water and served with a knob of butter and the other half went into the slow cooker with some chicken stock and made a yummy soup for today's lunch

    So that will mean less waste in the future for me.

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    Default Re: Using cauliflower leaves

    Sounds great! I will have to try that too.
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    Default Re: Using cauliflower leaves

    Wow Eli, this is huge for me. I usually grow a dozen or so cauliflowers each spring, and untrimmed fresh from the garden produces huge amounts of leaves. I have 'always' either fed the leaves to the chickens or composted them. Childhood training I guess. To actually have another veggie to utilize..... WIN! Thank you, I can hardly wait to try it.
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    Default Re: Using cauliflower leaves

    Cauliflower leaves! Never tried before, will try this recipe; might be giving some twist.

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    Default Re: Using cauliflower leaves

    The amount of tasty produce that is discarded can be shocking once you realize (unlike the bunny in the movie, "Bambi") that eating the "green stuff" is not bad at all - despite what you may have learned as a youngster!

    Along with cauliflower leaves (and stems, same for broccoli and other cole crops) there are COUNTLESS other great veggie (and other food) things that many people toss into the bin without realizing the true potentials they have, the least of which are benefits to one's nutrient value per purchase, reducing waste in general, and adding delicious, healthy variety to the menu. For instance, many crops are grown and then killed to produce the "end product" such as onions and other root crops, including some herbs - yet these quite often can be grown and harvested perennially without EVER killing the plant. Take horseradish and valerian, which have leaves with milder taste and plenty of flavorful greens, which you can keep harvesting for years in temperate regions with very little care.

    I've seen people throw out the leaves on celery as well as the root - one only needs to trim off blemishes, and the ingredients in the otherwise discarded veggies work in many recipes to add pizazz!
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    Default Re: Using cauliflower leaves

    I've always added a few of the tender, inner leaves of cauli when boiling it, but have never tried the larger outer ones, imagining them to be tough. Thanks for the suggestion Eli! Will definitely give them a go.
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