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    Default Maintenance Numbers

    Hi, just me being curious and/or nosey for down the road.

    When you've reached maintenance, what do your numbers look like in terms of carbs eaten per day, fat eaten per day, etc?
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    Default Re: Maintenance Numbers

    Everybody's different. You can use ketostix to begin to get a handle on the numbers of certain kinds of carbs that send you into the beige area, which can indicate you're going out of ketosis. But there are sooooo many exceptions.

    Dr. Atkins wrote that you could stay in ketosis, generally, with up to 50 carbs a day. However, in maintenance, as you add various types of carbs, you'll be going in and out of ketosis.

    This is such an individual kind of area. Some people don't even use ketostix, which I don't understand. I always use them when going through the Atkins plan. The time I was most successful and lost well over 50 pounds--about three decades ago--I religiously used ketostix and certainly had the most success. I didn't measure; I went by the old lists; and it worked very well for my physiology. From that I've learned for this time around: go by the book; realize that this is an individual physiologically based plan; get advice here (this place is fantastic--I've already learn a lot from just a few days here); but it's finally going to come around to how your own body is going through the steps.

    If you're really smart about this, follow the program. One writer has observed that you don't have to go through every single rung in the OWL (Ongoing Weight Loss) stage--you can skip one, but personally, I'm not going to do that because I really hope this time around to follow the plan reasonably, to learn a lot here on this board, to reread Dr. Atkins himself, and to realize my own physiology is not going to duplicate anyone's here.

    So, to answer your question first (and there will be lots of other, more knowledgeable people to join in): on the average, you'll be able to have 55+ carbs a day in maintenance. And if you're one of the lucky ones, that number could be quite a few points higher.

    It's cool learning, here, isn't it? I just learned that my beloved Hellmann's, which I've done well with in past experiences with Atkins, is loaded with very bad (healthwise) soy bean oil. So, I'm going to learn to make homemade mayo tonight! It's fun learning!

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    Default Re: Maintenance Numbers

    I cannot have soy due to a lazy thyroid, and I buy a brand called SimplyMayo. It is soy-free. The only place I've been able to find it so far is at Walmart. My normal grocery stores never seem to have it. It's really good though!

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    Default Re: Maintenance Numbers

    In maintenance, my max is 30 carbs/day. And that's with working out a minimum of 6 days/week. Any more than 30 and I gain. I usually stick to around 20 to be on the safe side. The difference between the 20 I eat in maintenance and induction is that I can pick and choose foods from different rungs that I've previously worked through.


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