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    I have been doing a bit of research, and it looks like Asian Pears are acceptable for Phase 2, about 2 gms of net carbs per oz. About a 1/2 gram more than raspberries(1.3) or blackberries(1.4), but 2/3 of the carbs of an apple, and less than blueberries or boysenberries....way more fiber than almost all other fruits too.

    I guess I am going to try to work one of these in a day (8 gms net carbs and 18% of your fiber) as I transition between phase 1 and 2. My first variety is ripening now, and the other two go in mid Sept and early October.

    I have three trees that are loaded with them. They really are the easiest fruit I have ever grown. I can get 75% spotless fruit w/o even spraying them, and they really are delicious when properly tree ripened.....they store for up to 6 months too. When I do see them in the grocery store, they are about$2 each. The trees themselves are attractive, with good red-purple foliage in the fall.

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    I'm sure Asian pears are delicious because pears are one of my favorite fruits, but, they are 'fruits' and not allowed until rung 7. I think you have your rungs mixed up because rung 2 is dairy and rung 3 is nut and seeds. Rung 4 is berries.

    We have 3 pear trees too although I'm not sure what the 2 oldest ones are. One is a Bartlett. And I know how hard it is not to be able to eat them when they are in season. What I do is can them, (not the Bartletts because they are too soft), and let the rest of the family enjoy them throughout the winter. Next year you may be able to eat them too.
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