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    Default Chinese food

    Is there anything we can eat? I'm assuming most sauces have sugar/thickening agents.

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    Default Re: Chinese food

    I have them steam the veggies wok whatever meat I decide on, no sauce. I do put some soy and siracha on. Darn good meal. I miss white rice.

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    Default Re: Chinese food

    Mixed grill from chinese chippy,not had one for years but i don't think theres any sauces added.
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    Default Re: Chinese food

    Chinese can be tricky. I order potstickers and eat the inside from a place here so I know what's in them. Paper wrapped chicken is delicious and I make it at home as well.

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    Coke Zero, egg drop soup, and shrimp with steamed veggies (with soy sauce I pour myself overthem-- not drenched obviously). There's also a 5 spice beef or pork dish at my local place that is safe on low carb. I never get shrimp at Chinese restaurants otherwise but for some reason when I'm low carbing they really hit the spot!


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