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Thread: 50th Wedding Anniversary!

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  1. Default 50th Wedding Anniversary!

    What an accomplishment! blueberrylady and her husband are celebrating 50 years of marriage today!!!


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    Default Re: 50th Wedding Anniversary!

    many congratulations, Nyna! I hope you had a lovely day.


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    Default Re: 50th Wedding Anniversary!

    Thank you, ladies!

    We had a nice day with one daughter and tonight there will be a dinner at the other daughter's house so it has been a very nice anniversary for us.
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    That's hard work, love and a lot of history.

    I was just thinking about Billy Graham's wife saying she had never considered divorce. Ever. Murder? Sometimes.
    I am so glad you had a lovely time with your family. What a blessing.

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    Default Re: 50th Wedding Anniversary!

    Just saw this today. Wonderful Nyna!! I'm sure you have a wealth of terrific memories from those 50 years together. Belated Happy Anniversary!! Glad you had a nice family time on 'the' day!
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    Default Re: 50th Wedding Anniversary!

    blueberrylady congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary,enjoy your amazing day together.
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