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    Jan 14, 2008

    Default Hello...again...

    Hello everyone!

    I have been on and off the Atkins wagon - a LOT more "off" than "on" but it's time to change that. I am diabetic (Type II) and in January my a1c was 10.2 (a HORRIBLE number!). That day I quit sugar and flour. Last week my a1c was down to 7.5, still a tad high, but SO much better. My sugars are up around 250-300 again. Sigh. My sugars right now are 327. That's so bad. But then I realize that I have had blueberries (way too many!), mashed potato, white rice, some chicken, and an orange. Wow. Carb city. I'm so disappointed in myself.

    BUT...I'm not beating myself up. There is no reason to. I am, however, going to change. No more. I am jumping back on the Atkins wagon and I am strapping in this time so I do not fall off!

    So starting in the morning (I'm about to go to bed), I am restarting Induction. Tomorrow night we are going out with friends - I asked them where they would prefer to go and they said Texas Roadhouse - works for me! I'll look over the menu before we go out so I know what I'll get ahead of time.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all and looking forward to being held accountable!

    May Goals:
    RE-start Induction and complete it this time!!
    Get some sort of exercise daily, even if only walking to the cemetery and back
    Track all that I eat/drink
    Re-read Dr. Atkins' book

    June Goals:
    Exercise 30 minutes per day (even if only slow walking)
    Get my water intake up - By the end of the month be consistently drinking 64 oz. per day

    Ongoing Goals:
    Mini weight Goal 1 - 225 Pounds
    Mini weight Goal 2 - 199 Pounds
    Mini weight Goal 3 - 175 pounds
    Mini weight Goal 4 - 149 pounds
    Weight Goal - 135 pounds

    (This is my starting photo at about 253 pounds)

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    Apr 11, 2014

    Default Re: Hello...again...

    Welcome aboard Crystal! (Really like your 'strapping in' comment!!) Your determination will make this work for you & it is great to have a fellow walker around, its my activity of choice I walk 5 times a week & enjoy it!! (Before this Board I did no exercise...!)

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    Default Re: Hello...again...

    Welcome back to your international ADBB family, Crystal!
    It looks as if you are in the right mindset to be successful in staying on plan
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    Not sure how to get most of your net carbs from vegetables on induction? Read our latest "Eat your Vegetables" challenge thread to learn how we did it!

    . . . .


    SW290+/CW170/GW135 Premaintenance Phase F/62yrs/5ft 5.5"
    (Though due to collapsing vertebrae as a result of multiple myeloma I am now only 5'1" - but I refuse to recalculate my BMI )

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    Default Re: Hello...again...

    Welcome home! Glad you're here!
    Fresh Start: 12/27/17: SW: 245 CW: 227 GW: 160
    Phase: Rung 7, 55 carbs about.
    Exercise: 45-50, 5 days a week
    Stats: F, 45 yo

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    Default Re: Hello...again...

    Welcome back! How cool that you've decided to hop back on the wagon. You won't regret your decision, I'm sure.
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    F/64 yrs/ - SW: 78 kg; GW: 65 kg; LW: 56 kg; CW 59.9 kg.

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    Default Re: Hello...again...

    Welcome back, plummer!

    You certainly have good motivation to keep going with your sugar being so high. But in a few days, you're going to feel so much better so just stick with it.
    Aka Nyna ~~~~I LOVE ATKINS!!!

    "Either you run the day, or the day runs you". Jim Rohn
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