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Thread: Questions about an (1) Induction food and (1) drink

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    Default Questions about an (1) Induction food and (1) drink

    Hello All,

    Newbie here. Sorry if I am directing this to the wrong place. I had looked at the 2-week Induction forum but I hadn't seen any responses logged there in a while so I hope this is an OK forum to place my questions.

    I'm planning on starting Induction on Monday. I reviewed the allowable foods on Induction and while it's clear to avoid sweets, I wasn't sure particularly sure about Dark Choocolate? Is it allowed?
    I reviewed a package of this at my grocery store, and the label says 4 blocks is about 18 net carbs if you subtract out the fiber. Is this allowable in Induction if I limit myself to the small 4 blocks/day? (This would likely satisfy my sweet tooth. :-

    Also, I'm pretty clear about allowable drinks. I may have a diet soda a day, but I'm really trying to cut down on this as well as part of my overall plan. One of the things I do like drinking is "Low Calorie Hawaiian Punch." It only has a few calories per serving and 2 carbs. Fruit juice I know is to be avoided but do you think this is allowable a time or two a day? Or should I prohibit?

    I think if I can allow myself the chocolate and low-cal juice per day and stay at 20 net carbs or under a day...I can probably be relatively OK to start.

    Would appreciate any thoughts.


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    Default Re: Questions about an (1) Induction food and (1) drink

    Welcome to the ADBB, Px!

    The purpose of the Induction phase of the Atkins diet is to basically clean your palate, so none of the things you mentioned are allowed. Instead of satisfying your sweet tooth, you need to get rid of it because it's keeping you fat. Most of the 20 allowable carbs on Induction are to come from allowed vegetables which can be eaten with things like butter, sour cream, mayo, etc. Atkins is a high fat, high protein diet.

    We use the 2002 edition of the New Atkins Diet Revolution on this board and it's a must read because it explains fully how and why Atkins works. Maybe you could download it. Also, the Induction rules are in the Atkins Phases forum here on the board.

    I'm glad you are joining us and ask any questions you have because we are here to help.
    Aka Nyna ~~~~I LOVE ATKINS!!!

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    Default Re: Questions about an (1) Induction food and (1) drink

    Thank you BBL. I will be sure to read the 2002 Atkins edition.I know it is best to avoid shakes and bars doing Induction but do you or anyone know of any sweet, allowable substitutes?I do take your point on the allowable carbs,t he problem for me is that I’m a very picky eater and have never liked vegetables, etc…so I’m basically going to be subsist on eggs (which I love) and meats. I thought I had discovered something great at the grocery store because the chocolate I bought was 85% cocoa with a bitter taste. Also the label indicated Total Carbs: 7 - Dietary fiber: 6 =’s 1 net carb…so I thought I had found something very agreeable to the plan.
    But apparently not if you and others advise not to partake of in Induction.

    Thank you again for your feedback and I will get a copy of the 2002 edition.

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    Default Re: Questions about an (1) Induction food and (1) drink

    Think outside the box when it comes to vegetables. For example pureed pumpkin (yes, it's allowed on induction), mixed with cream cheese, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of sweetener makes an awesome pumpkin cheesecake without the crust. Cauliflower can be made into pizza crust, "fried rice", or faux mashed potatoes. Green Giant even makes frozen cauli-rice now. Study the list of allowable induction veggies in the book and/or in the post in the induction forum; I'm sure you will find some surprises.
    Check out the recipes on this site and also at

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Questions about an (1) Induction food and (1) drink

    You have great advice from these amazing members, so I'll just add induction is a great detox for those of us with sugar, gluten, and other food addiction that we find are actually food allergies once we get past the two weeks of detox.

    If memory serves me right, cocoa is not for induction, and more for the legumes rung since cocoa technically come from a bean. Like most things, you can freeze it or put it in the back of the cupboard and wait to see if it's something you'll want to pull out and try for the fall weather.

    Best wishes!
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