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Thread: Well, hello there!

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    Default Well, hello there!

    How are you doing today?

    It's been a long time since I've had a moment to myself, and catch up with the internet world here at ADBB! I hope everyone's fairing well!

    I've been setting goals, meeting goals, and working on new goals. I get up when its still dark, 5:30am, and hit the gym for about 45 minutes to do interval training. There are people there who actually look like me, exhausted, overworked, and overweight. We've bonded well. The leader of the pack (who's been interval training with someone else and wants to pay it forward) talked us all into an 80 day obsession of taking care of ourselves and eating right to get through the fall season. No scale to weigh and no tape measure to collect stats throughout---just beginning and ending, along with before and after photos. What was I thinking?! It started today, or rather starts today. So, here I am, stalking my favorite internet "2nd home" to see who's still here and find some recipes that I remember were here, writing my grocery list, and getting ready to hit the store. I'm also meal prepping/cooking on Sundays for my husband and I. This is my 3rd week of doing it, and so far, we've saved a ton of money on our grocery bill, and there's no guess work on meals.

    Well, I better get going. I didn't want to just log in, find recipes, and leave without saying hello! I'll pop back in later this afternoon, and attempt again during the week. I'm finding that I'm working from 8-5 every day and my energy and brain power is just zapped. I guess that's one thing I'm looking forward to with a good detoxing with healthy foods and exercise and brain power!

    PS...and by the way, yes, I'll be following the Induction for 2 weeks, and work the rungs from there according to my energy and how my pants are fitting.

    Hope everyone's doing well!
    Fresh Start: 12/27/17: SW: 245 CW: 227 GW: 160
    Phase: Rung 7, 55 carbs about.
    Exercise: 45-50, 5 days a week
    Stats: F, 45 yo

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    nice to see the update, lisa

    i have not been doing well. i am starting induction this week. the past 12 months has been horrid for me.


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    Default Re: Well, hello there!

    Thanks! It's been about the same for me too.
    Fresh Start: 12/27/17: SW: 245 CW: 227 GW: 160
    Phase: Rung 7, 55 carbs about.
    Exercise: 45-50, 5 days a week
    Stats: F, 45 yo

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    Default Re: Well, hello there!

    cheering you on from the sidelines!
    You can do it!

    And you can't fail if you keep on trying.

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