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Thread: Time Capsule Thread for 2018

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  1. Default Time Capsule Thread for 2018

    It's almost 2018!
    Another year at ADBB comes to an end and new one begins.

    We've done a time capsule thread for a few years now and for those who stick around it's been interesting to see how far we've come and what changes in our lives came about.

    In this thread, we'll have a chance to write down some thoughts and feelings about our own personal journey doing Atkins and where we, as an individual, want to be a year from now. Post once, post twice, edit a post to add something, none of that makes a difference. Post pics if you want or post your BP numbers or whatever. At the end of 2018, if we are still around and kicking, we can look back and see what we did, what we accomplished, if numbers changed, if we kept losing or maintaining.

    This is a time capsule thread and it will go hidden on January 31, 2018 and will reappear towards the end of December 2018....... providing I'm still here or if anyone is still here!

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    Default Re: Time Capsule Thread for 2018

    What a treat! Thank you, Jimmie, for continuing this tradition!

    I know I've been M.I.A., but I peak in from time to time as I work on one of the my selfish goals. I just have one resolution for 2018, and that's to be more selfish with my self-care and what I need. It's probably not a resolution but more of an intention to take better care of me. I haven't let go of my SMART goals. I've just turned them into intentions. And Atkins works with intention, and not just hope and a wish.

    Can't wait to read others!
    Fresh Start: 12/27/17: SW: 245 CW: 236 GW: 160
    Phase: Rung 1--just add more vegetables
    Exercise: 30m/5x wk
    Stats: F, 45 yo

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    Default Re: Time Capsule Thread for 2018

    It is already January 6th... this year has had a brilliant start with my sister being over here. 2017 was a very mixed year of up &downs that began horribly with the sudden death of a really good friend but ended well with my daughter's very happy wedding. I don't know that I achieved much (STILL haven't flown my kite!!!!!)...but I enjoyed being me. Loved my discipline in the area of exercise, even picking up a few ribbons - which in the wider scheme of things isn't that important, but these small personal victories are what make up our daily lives and made me happy!

    I am saddened by the lack of activity on the Board this last year, because it has been such a great support in my life and I know that there are so many others out there that would have their lives enriched by getting involved here. It is just frustrating and I hope to post a bit more, do my best to encourage others.

    My goals are much the same as always "reduce the size of my thighs" and finally to reach 'maintenance' but the proper way going through ALL the stages!!!

    I am determined to eat well this year - I have a spiraliser, so absolutely no excuses... Oh I did get a new hairstyle last year that will be mine for the next few years (a bob that I think makes my grey hair look stylish...!) So at the end of this year I will be trim and stylish......& active!!


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