Supporting Membership doesn't give the perks it gave several years ago, maybe longer. The board experienced so may problems with software, glitches and hacks. Tom disabled the gallery, the arcade and our personal albums. I'm not even sure if the ticker site works at this point. Threads have had problems and information is missing in a lot of them. Search feature hasn't worked, at times. Even most of our Moderators have quit visiting the board.
So sad to see so much of what our board was.... gone.


A gift from Admin to those people who support board by just being here on a regular basis. Some are in challenges, some just keep a thread or two in Chit Chat going, some post in a journal now and then and most search out recipes.

The gift is a year of Supporting Membership. If you suddenly realize that you have blingy stars under name then you will also realize that, at the very least, you won't be seeing the pesky ads

Use your new SM status to visit the Supporting Member forum. Maybe you'll join one of the special challenges there! {shamless advert by me}