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Thread: #129 6 WEC Slug Free Challengers

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  1. Default #129 6 WEC Slug Free Challengers

    I have all the updates needed for the SLUG FREE AWARDS!

    Slug Free Challengers
    jimmie 48, jo's dh, Kagi and victcy.

    CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU for all the participation over the past challenges of the BEST CHALLENGE EVER!


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    I always like to keep stats. sometimes it's fun and/or amazing to see what has taken place on the board, who achieved what, etc.

    Not counting the #129 challenge and just for the current active challengers ...............

    Kagi, you earned the blue ribbon 2 times, the red ribbon 2 times and the yellow ribbon 3 times. You have earned the Slug Free Button 14 times {including #129}

    victcy, you have earned the blue ribbon 7 times and the red ribbon 4 times. You have been Slug Free for 34 challenges {including #129}

    Healthy4Life, I think you joined about every challenge since you joined and earned the blue ribbon 17 times, the red ribbon 12 times and theyellow ribbon 6 times. That is probably the record number of ribbons per Challenger since the 6 WEC began. You have earned the Slug Free Button 46 times {indluding #129}.

    jo's dh hasn't earned any ribbons. Ya'll must know he really doesn't do Atkins. He was here for support He did earn the Slug Free Button 27 times {including #129}.

    For myself, I earned the blue ribbon 3 times, red ribbon 3 times and the yellow ribbon 5 times. I earned the Slug Free Button 51 times {including #129}.


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    Default Re: #129 6 WEC Slug Free Challengers

    Gonna miss this challenge, to be sure. Congrats to everyone! I agree ... BEST CHALLENGE EVER! And my heartfelt thanks to Jimmie for being a steadfast lighthouse in the storm!

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    Default Re: #129 6 WEC Slug Free Challengers

    Yes this has been a great challenge. I hope we will all carry the discipline this challenge has taught us, forward into our lives. It has been a good journey and I have enjoyed it with all participants, and I too thank Jo for her extraordinary dedication to this challenge. It has been fun!!


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