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Thread: Day One, Round 2

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    Default Day One, Round 2

    I got disgusted after coming out of the shower this morning and decided today was the day. I made a huge chicken mushroom cabbage onion stir fry, heavy on the chicken, and had some sausage and eggs for dinner.

    I have been hungry all day. I've got to get my scale out of storage tmrw, but I'm saying 252 based on my last Dr visit.

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    Default Re: Day One, Round 2

    Hi TBML!

    Welcome back to our ADBB family

    How are things going for you this time around?

    . . . .


    SW290+/CW170/GW135 Premaintenance Phase F/68yrs/5ft 5.5"
    (Though due to collapsed vertebrae as a result of multiple myeloma I am now only 5'1" - but I refuse to recalculate my BMI )


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