Hi, I am Kevin. Back in 2015, while living in Ecuador I lost 70 plus pounds following Atkins as far as food while drinking a moderate amount (for an Irishman) of beer. At the time I was 68 years old. I returned to live in the states the end of 2015 and started eating fast food that I thought I was missing plus drinking high calorie, high alcohol beers. The result, I gained the weight back.

Five months ago I decided to quit drinking. Just decided I didn't need it and I feel better every day. Three days ago, I started Atkins again. My goal is to loose seven to ten pounds monthly until I can get my weight under 200 lbs. I am excited to start loosing again.

This group gave me much encouragement back in 2015 and I am sure this will be the case now. Thanks in advance. Any help, suggestions, tips, etc. are appreciated.