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Thread: Atkins Journey Take two

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    July!!! Not quite 9 months yet but will be in 5 days. Since ADDB is back I will just do my update now. Missed out on June.

    Atkins induction 9 months (on July 9th)
    Doing IF regularly
    Exercising for mood and muscles. Have mixed in some swimming and biking lately

    I have stepped on the scale and it is showing around 127 lbs (or 57.6 kg) Which means I have lost plenty. But I am still leading with the diet ignoring the scale. Started using a measuring tape in addition to clothing to measure trends.

    arm 10.5
    neck 12
    upper chest 33
    bust 36.6
    low chest 31
    waist 30
    stomach 35
    low stomach 37
    hips 35
    thigh 20
    calf 15

    Wear size 6 (6/8/18 ) Changing this a bit since I am 8 now close to a good 6
    Walk without my lower thighs rubbing. (I got this one. It is a big one for me)
    Get yoga ready doing low lunges I am ready but did not sign up for a class yet. May look into it in September
    30 day Shred Level One I can do level one fine. Time to start two
    Running: 5k (0/5/5) Met this one
    HIIT.New goal to be better at hill running. I have started. Need more work
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