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Thread: Help!! Need sleep advice!!

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    Default Help!! Need sleep advice!!

    I have used Atkins on and off for all my adult life and it's the ONLY diet that works for me! When I am on this diet, I lose weight easily and quickly. What I have a huge problem with is insomnia. When I am on the Atkins diet, I have horrible insomnia. I need some advice on how to fix this issue and stay on Atkins for awhile yet. I NEED my sleep! So far I sleep maybe 3 hours a night and then not straight through....I keep waking up and have on several occasions gone 3 straight days with zero sleep. It takes me a few hours to get to sleep too. This is making me feel like I'm losing my mind! I need to lose some more weight, so I need to stay on Atkins, but I seriously need some good advice on how to stay on this diet AND get some sleep! HELP! (no to prescription drugs)

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    I have started using a few drops of CBD oil before bed to help with sleep. Not because of Keto-related insomnia, but I've always struggled with sleep. It has helped tremendously. I read an article that made me try it saying that a lot of senior professional golfers 50 and over were using it to help sleep. It's perfectly legal, but you need to make sure you get actual CBD oil... as of now, Amazon doesn't sell it. So not a prescription drug and not illegal.

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    Default Re: Help!! Need sleep advice!!

    How is it going? I have seen this issue come up. It may be too few carbs, too little food or you need some electrolytes.


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