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Thread: Back to weights!!!

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    Default Re: Back to weights!!!

    I bet you are getting shapely.

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    Default Re: Back to weights!!!

    I am definitely getting some shoulder and arm definition but it's slow coming and I do have some excess skin that hides it. My hip and back issues have been corrected and I'm no longer rolling my pelvis when I do a lot of the weight exercises so I'm getting stronger there and my thighs are Getting Thinner but my calves seem forever stuck is huge. It is what it is. I have a waist again that's a plus

    Back in ONEderland as of 7/27/2020!

    I was No longer OBESE. Just Overweight. I want to be back there again and am on my way. Last time I went from 300 to 189.
    Current: 253.6/194.2/169 or a size 10 is the GOAL

    Don't trade what you want MOST for what you want right now.

    Daily Checklist: 88 oz water daily - 90% of carbs from veggies - honoring dairy limits - weight work - cardio

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