Thanks Jill, you have no idea how much that helped. I have stopped trying to catch up and just going at my own pace. I do what you do also. would rather not eat than eat bad. Then again, calories drop but I guess that is better than eating wrong.

Went through my old journals. I have been on this journey since 2012!!! I am not sure how to unpack that fact. One one hand, it is indicative of a never ending cycle. On the other hand, it shows resilience and refusing to give up regardless of the falls. I will choose the latter. Another thought is, this is what actually works for me. I mean I saw a me at 79kg. It is amazing and I am gunning for it again.

So my decision is to keep at it. Take it one day at a time (not too casually though) and believe for the best.

Yesterdays stats coming up soon