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Thread: It has been a very long while

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    Default It has been a very long while

    Well, it has been so long since I was here that my posts have vanished. LOL

    I'm not sure where to start. I am not new to Atkins, low carbing, or keto; sticking to it (or not) I could write a book about. I am already on my journey, restarted in January 2020 (yeah, my timing sucks) after starting and falling off many times over the years. At my heaviest I was tipping the scales at 508 pounds a few years ago. I am currently at about 400, was 404 at the doctor's office a couple of weeks ago. I am slowly moving it down but haven't been real strict with it; that is going to have to change.

    I am currently 52 years old. I am married to my high school sweetheart, we celebrated our 34th anniversary in December. My daughter is 32 and she has given us two beautiful granddaughters who are 10 and almost 8. My job is as a service technician for cash registers in grocery stores; it mainly involves LOTS of driving and a little bit of know-how. I love to read, am active online with social media and online FPS gaming with friends. I used to love to cook but have not been motivated about it in a while. My wife and I just came through having Covid and thankfully ours was not major other than her developing double pneumonia which we caught early. I am also a deacon in our church.

    Anyway, I am glad to see that the lights are still on around here. I am interested, though... did anyone here also post on LowCarbFriends? I used to be active on there once upon a time. And what low carb groups are y'all involved in on Facebook?
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    Default Re: It has been a very long while

    Hey there!

    So glad you're here! Great job on working towards your goals. I used to visit that board a few years back, but it didn't have the treasures of vital info and tidbits of ideas to get through each rung of Atkins correctly!

    One day at a time is what we do in the beginning! Looking forward to seeing you here!
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