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Thread: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    I've been around for awhile but just read this post. SO TRUE! Jdales hang in there. In the last month I am starting to lose .5 lbs A DAY! I think my eyeballs might fall out of my head every morning that I see a loss. I was getting so used to staying the same (or gaining) to see a loss it is a complete surprise. Unbelievable!!!

    Be patient and it will happen.
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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    Very true that weight loss is non-linear on Atkins, or at least not for everyone. I'm almost 3 months in (2 months, 3 weeks..37 pounds down, woop woop!) and I've begun to notice that I lose in cycles. Normally 9 days, sometimes a day or two longer. I'll lose 3,4, or even 5 pounds within 2 days, then no more weight loss (and even a 1-2 lb gain) for the next 9 days or so, then rinse and repeat. It was highly frustrating at first, but I've learned that this is just how I lose weight. I stick with it and don't get discouraged.
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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    I'm in 6 months 35 down and i have gone for a month without losing but, just kept plugging along it will kick back in. don't give up for cheats or binges as an excuse for the scales sticking. Staying with this program has been challenging at times.Still i'd rather be where i am and not where i was!
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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    I just read this post and it's very reassuring. I start Atkins in June 4th and lost 13lbs. The next week I gained three pounds and it stayed like that for a week. Then I dropped two of those lbs and have been stuck. But, knowing this is perfectly normal makes me feel better and not stress as much.


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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    Hi everyone! This is my first post. I started my Atkins diet on June10th weighing 162. Let me tell you a little of myself: I"m 49 years old, 5'3" female. Up to a couple of months ago I was at a constant 155lbs. I have for 10 years jogged 3 times a week (5.9 miles) and the other 2 days I weight train. I am very healthy and do not take any medication. I have a very flat tummy and I fitted comfortably in a size 8 jean and was more or less ok with that. I went up to 162 and was informed by my doctor, after a couple of tests, that I am in full blown menopause. So I decided to start the Atkins diet. I know my carbs very well because I grew up with a mom who was an Atkins follower. I've been weighing myself once a week and kept up with my regular exercise routine. Luckily, I have not experienced fatigue and been able to keep with it. My carb intake is no more than 20g a day (staying with induction 'till I'm 15 pounds away from goal). So far, my weight loss (and weight gain) has gone like this: 162-158-156-158. My goal is to reach 135 or 130. I'm not upset with how slow and how little I've lost (although it's a little discouraging when I read about all of you having a loss of 10, 15, and even more in the first 2 weeks) but the weight gain is really upsetting especially when there has been no cheating! When I was in my 20's I could achieve my goal easily with Atkins. Now I wonder if I really will ever reach my goal and if menopause is making it impossible.

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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    Hi, LPE, and welcome to the board! Good for you for staying in good health and keeping up your exercise, as well as for deciding to take control before your weight gets out of control. You can take heart in the fact that your induction weight loss was lower than some due to your starting weight being much lower than some, due to the good choices you have been making all along!

    Weight gain can happen for many reasons, other than cheating. A bit more sodium can make you retain water and appear as a gain, as can lower water consumption, weight lifting and muscle repair, not having a BM.... I, too, have read that menopause can make losing weight more difficult, but there are many here who have lost anyways, myself included. You have such healthy habits, you can't help but get there! Keep us updated.

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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    Great article! So glad I found it.
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain.
    I am trying to focus on the journey...

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    Great post! I am in the three week Induction stall right now too. It is really annoying so I'm happy to hear about people making it through and continuing to lose in the long term. The whole water replacement thing makes a lot of sense.
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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    Yup and the non linear losses are true, too. I am also one of those who lose a half a pound a day for several days and then nothing but bobbing up and down for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Eventually another losing cycle will appear and I will catch up to where I think I ought to be, then the next plateau will hit and it all starts again.

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    Default Re: PISS-Post Induction Stall Syndrome- a reality to be expected

    yes a good post.....i have been stalled for near 2 months now....same weight,i'm starting to think this is where i'm suppose to be !
    then i see that belly and man there is more to loose,so today i'm going back to less carbs for a few weeks and try to loose those last 5 kgs.
    but i'm happy because i started atkins to bring my sugars down and that has been done,
    funny how we always want more ....or is it LESS.

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