Himalaya Heathcare in India has been manufacturing herbal medicines commerically since the 1930's! This means they have been in this business for over 75 years. They are one of the most highly respected companies in India & their products are widely advertised & sold all across India. Their Blood glucose formula is a long standing & mature product. See the link within this link to over 26 scientific papers on this product


Here is how to find in USA (they have different name for it here)

I recently was suprised to see them at the 'NNFA 68th Annual Natural Products Convention and Trade Show' in Las Vegas & was happy to find they are now in US market. I 1st came in contact w/this company over 30 years ago & they really know what they are doing. Diabecon/Glucocare is very good I & several other type II Diabetics I know here in Singapore take this product & Bottom Line is it works, it really helps normalize BG levels & I believe it is one of if not the best non prescription medicine for Type II diabetes in the world

If you are Type II Diabetic do yourself a favour & check out this economical but effective product