I recently attended the 'NNFA 68th Annual Natural Products Convention and Trade Show' in Las Vegas & was happy to find another company known to me with a great product for treatment of Diabetes was also now in the US market

Here in Asia Bittermelon (also known as Ampalya)Tea has long been a natural remedy for High Blood Glucose Levels/Diabetes. Over the past few decades its has been packaged commercially & sold in the Philippines as an economical Diabetes treatment. The largest producer is the company who makes the 'Charantea' brand of Bitter Melon Tea & Capsules. It is carried by the largest pharmacy chain in the Philippines (Guardian) in over 10,000 stores. I 1st ran into & started using the product about 6/7 years ago. It does work very well & there is HUGE library of scientific studies to back it up

The president of the company that makes 'Charantea', Mr Joseph Buenconsejo & his wife (who is an MD) have retired in the USA, & set up an operation to bring this product to the US market.

Here is the website where you can order the product & even look at all the scientific studies regarding Ampalya's effect in lowering elevated Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetics

I personally use this product & it works. Here is the website


To be fair I ran into another Philippines owned & managed company at the show that has also brought Ampalaya to the US market & here is a link to their site. I chatted w/this group at the show & they are also having a very good sucess in the US market