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    Aight people, welcome aboard...and yes, we shall have weigh-ins every friday since we're only about a month away from the goal date. Good luck to all of you, and remember to post your progress every friday.

    Starting: 190
    Current: 147
    Goal: 130

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    Today's the day people...lets bust out the scales and post some updates. :icondance

    For me, i weighed myself this morning and came in at a little under 160 pounds, so i got about 10 pounds left to go to reach my goal. :yes

    Starting: 190
    Current: 147
    Goal: 130

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoriLouise
    Sorry guys, I guess u can tell I'm new!!!! Didn't mean to post so many times. Duh! :confused
    Ah thats ok. Do you know how to sign in as a member?
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    Well, its that time again...time for friday weigh-ins!!! :joy

    Aight, this morning i got on the scale and was at 157, which is roughly 7 pounds from the goal i set for the end of the challenge. :no Seeing how this challenge ends in 5 days, i think i'd be happy if i got to 155 or below.

    I had a few setbacks...week before this one i went to vegas and splurged a little eating at buffets everyday. When i returned i had went up to 162, so i've basically lost 5 pounds since last Thursday.

    Now i'm trying to switch it up so my body doesnt get used to anything...i do strict induction on weekdays and i move on to OWL on weekends...i'm in the testing stage with it right now and see how it works for me.


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    Starting: 190
    Current: 147
    Goal: 130

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