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Thread: Weight lifting, body building and carbs.

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    Thanks for the encouragement! (and sorry, I forgot to sign my name!)

    I'm loving the Lo carb/Slow Burn combination. :ThumbsUp In one week I have lost:

    1/2" off my waist
    1/2" off my abs
    1 1/2' (!!!) off my hips
    1/2" off my thighs
    1/4" off my upper arm
    1/4" off my lower arm

    So as you can see, I'm sold!

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    It sounds like everybody is training for the olympics. Most hype about very technical stuff eg; carb loading,atf, cycling with creatine etc ad nausia
    is for a entirely different level of elite athlete. For us mere mortal eat healthy quality foods and the body will do just fine. It will heal fine and
    there will be quality muscle tone and growth. We are the victims of our genetics and people tend to forget that factor.
    Enjoy the process and enjoy the results!

    being here is half the battle won,
    where are you?

    293 on11/9/04
    Goal is 210

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    Default Re: Weight lifting, body building and carbs.

    ::bump:: great read!
    Ken F.

    Hit Goals for weight loss, February 2011
    The quest continues for complete fitness and I feel awesome!


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